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Why choose us?

Smoore is your one-stop manufacturer for all of your e-cigarette needs

Confessions of a Shopaholic
We're dedicated to making the most durable and reliable e-cigarettes for you.
Nothing like the holidays
We've the best dust-free workshops in the industry for an unparalleled peace of mind.
How to lose Friends and Alienate people
We're flexible , always catering to the market trends yet our innovativeness

Company Profile

Smoore Technology Co.,Ltd., was founded in 2006, one of earliest Shenzhen based company pioneering in electronic smoking products. The professional R&D team behind Smoore has spent two years on developing our own advanced core technology which takes an outstanding performance on



At our ERP-managed factory, we have 16 production lines and 400 skilled employees; our monthly capacity is over 300,000 kits.In every production procedure, we ‘ve experienced workers specialized in a fixed process.

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